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NFL Power Rankings

NFL power rankings, Week 14: Packers slide continues

The Packers fell to their lowest ranking of the season after their latest loss and the decision to fire Mike McCarthy.

NFL power rankings, Week 13: Packers slip to new low

The Packers’ latest loss dropped them to their lowest spot in the power rankings this season.

Packers power rankings, Week 12: Green Bay lands in bottom half of NFL

Packers power rankings, Week 11: Green Bay trending up after Miami win

The Packers’ return to .500 helped their cause in the latest edition of SB Nation’s NFL power rankings.

Packers power rankings, Week 10: Green Bay remains in middle of the pack

The Packers’ latest loss didn’t drop them far on the weekly NFL power rankings.

Packers power rankings, Week 9: LA loss drops Green Bay to middle of the pack

Packers fall in SB Nation’s NFL power rankings, but the team remains in better standing elsewhere on the internet.

Packers power rankings, Week 8: No game, no change for Green Bay

The Packers come out of their bye in the same place on the power rankings as a week earlier.

Packers power rankings, Week 7: Green Bay outside top 10 despite Rodgers-led comeback

The nature of the Packers’ win over San Francisco did little to assuage concerns about the team’s outlook.

Packers power rankings, Week 6: Green Bay tumbles after Lions loss

The Packers’ disappointing loss in Detroit dropped them to their lowest position of the season on SB Nation’s NFL power rankings.

Packers power rankings, Week 5: Green Bay slips backs into top 10

After a one-week absence, the Packers return to the top 10 of SB Nation’s power rankings on the back of a 22-0 shutout effort.

Packers power rankings, Week 3: Green Bay remains in top 5 following draw

A tie didn’t feel like a loss in the power rankings this week.

Packers power rankings, Week 2: Packers move up, still trail Vikings

The Packers gained a little ground after their 20-point comeback, but they still trail the Vikings in the power rankings.

Packers Power Rankings, Week 1: Green Bay sits just inside the top 10

The Packers’ 7-9 finish a year ago isn’t a sign of things to come, according to a few rankings lists.

Power Rankings: Packers unanimous top-3 pick after big win in Big D

The Packers' latest win catapulted them to the top of the NFC and also close to the No. 1 spot in the power rankings.

Packers Power Rankings, Week 5: Green Bay lands firmly in top 5

The Packers' latest win has thrust them into the top 5 of everyone's power rankings.

Week 3 Power Rankings: Packers drop after loss in Atlanta, but only a few spots

The Packers took a slight tumble in this week’s rankings, but voters didn’t overreact too much to the team’s recent loss.

Week 2 Power Rankings: Packers hover around the top spot

Green Bay lands in either first or second place in four major rankings lists for week two.

Week 1 NFL Power Rankings see Packers firmly in fourth place

Green Bay’s position is steady, but the teams ahead of them vary a bit.

Week 3 power rankings: Packers fall out of top 10

The Packers' offensive struggles have caused them to drop in the SB Nation power rankings.

Packers power rankings: Green Bay remains at No. 3

No progress for Green Bay during their bye week.

Power rankings: Packers open year behind Seahawks

People like the Packers this year.

Packers sit atop first Power Ranking list

WE'RE NUMBER ONE! (For now, and according to one NFL writer.)

Packers power rankings: Week 10

Your favorite NFL pastime is back.

Packers Slide Only Slightly in Power Rankings

Green Bay took an expected dip in this week's power rankings, but nobody is predicting doom for this team that takes a 5-3 record into its bye.

Packers land in top 3 of SBN's NFL power rankings

The Packers' big win on Sunday propels them into the top three of SB Nation's power rankings.

Packers inch closer to Top 5 in SBN's rankings

Another win pushes Green Bay up a spot in SB Nation's power rankings.

Packers Power Rankings: Week 6 Edition

Back-to-back division wins returns Green Bay to the Top 10.

Packers don't drop far in Week 1 Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers only drop a few spots as a result of their 36-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Thursday.

APC's NFL Power Rankings, Week 8 Edition

With the Broncos losing in Indy on Sunday night, it's time to crown a different team the leader in the power rankings for the first time in several weeks.

Week 7 Power Rankings: Packers Holding Steady

There wasn't much movement in this week's Power Rankings, the games between top teams were generally very close.

Week 6 Power Rankings

Our latest installment of power rankings shows the Packers trending upwards and the rest of their division rivals on their way down.

Week 5 Power Rankings

A divisional rival of the Packers is on its way up the charts, but after this week's events we give Green Bay back the top spot in the division.

Week 4 Power Rankings: Packers, 49ers Drop

In APC's fourth installment of our power rankings, the Packers take a tumble while a divisional rival enters the top 5 for the first time this year.

APC's Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

We put together our second NFL Power Ranking of the 2013 season, and the Packers slide a bit (but not much).