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NFL Combine 2015 Preview: What Packers Fans Should Watch For in Indianapolis

We break down a few items of interest to Green and Gold supporters for each day of the upcoming week.

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Each day of the NFL Scouting Combine has its own set of challenges and focus areas. That goes as much for fans who follow their teams and the draft process as it does for the players and coaching staffs in attendance.

Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers will be spending all week in Indianapolis, and with all the media coverage present you can feel like you're there in Lucas Oil Stadium as well. We'll do our best to keep you posted on the big events of the day, but here are a few things Packers fans should focus on for each day of the event.


The Combine will get going a little slowly at first; Wednesday features the offensive linemen and tight ends available to the media, as well as the first group of coaches and executives who will be giving press conferences.

NFC North GMs speak

Among the members of the group who will speak on Wednesday are the general managers of the Packers' three divisional opponents: Ryan Pace (Bears, 12:30 PM ET), Martin Mayhew (Lions, 1:30 ET), and Rick Spielman (Vikings, 1:45 ET). If you're wondering how the new guy (Pace) is adjusting to the job or what the other teams' goals are this offseason, check that out.

Meeting with Maxx

Only a single tight end has a realistic shot at the first round - Minnesota's Maxx Williams.


With the offensive skill position players meeting with the media and a full slate of coaches and GMs, Thursday should be a smorgasbord of quotes, comments, and cliches.

Thompson & McCarthy meet with media

This one is obvious: the Packers' GM and head coach will speak at 10 AM and 3 PM respectively. APC will be in attendance for both press conferences and will have updates for you then.

Stars are Out

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are likely to make far more waves during their media availability on Thursday than they do on the field later in the week (if they even work out or throw at all). Expect everyone to be focused on the last two Heisman winners, while also giving plenty of attention to this year's other finalists: Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon and Alabama wideout Amari Cooper.

The Curious Case of DGB

Arguably the biggest high-risk/high-reward player in this year's draft is receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, who will likely be fielding plenty of questions about the off-the-field issues that ended up with him leaving Missouri and getting suspended by Oklahoma for all of 2014.

Bench Press Beasts

While the so-called "skill" players sit in front of the mic, the big uglies up front will be laying down on the bench press. See which of the offensive linemen takes home the crown as strongest of this year's Combine.


Defensive players start to show up, while we have a few select coaches who chose to wait until Friday to speak.

Workouts & TV Coverage Begin

Finally, our first 40s of the year are timed. The NFL Network begins televising at 9 AM Eastern today.

Front Seven Interviews

We'll be talking to as many of the inside linebacker prospects as we can to see who might be a good fit for the Packers. Eric Kendricks or Paul Dawson? Benardrick McKinney or Denzel Perryman? Keep an eye out for some insights on who these guys are off the field.


The most impressive day of physical displays will likely take place on Saturday.

Burning Up the Track

With the running backs and wide receivers taking to the field, the big draw today will be the 40-yard dash. Don't sleep on the other drills, though, as the vertical jump and cone drills should be big draws as well.

Wrapping Up Media Days

The media gets its final opportunity to talk to players, as the defensive backs will take to the media room for some interviews and discussion.

Linemen in the Weight Room

Find out if any defensive linemen can beat out the top bench press numbers from their counterparts on the other side of the ball from Thursday.


While you're relaxing on the couch, players on the front seven will be working their tails off on the field.

Linebacker Workouts

We'll keep beating it to death here - inside linebacker workouts will be the focus of many a Packers fan.

Two-Point Stance

Numerous college defensive ends will have to show to the coaches of NFL teams running 3-4 defenses that they can stand up and play outside linebacker. Watch to see which of the tweeners excel and which struggle as they are put to the test in tests of their coverage skills and open-field athleticism.

On the Nose

There are a handful of massive men coming to Indy who have the size to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, but only a handful will have the athleticism to make them appealing targets for the Packers. Sunday's drills will help identify who they are.


The Combine closes with one final day of workouts.

Corners on Display

With the Packers' depth at the cornerback position threatened by free agency, keep an eye on that position in workouts and try to identify a potential Ted Thompson target in the early or middle rounds.