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NFL Combine Interviews: WR Tre McBride on his versatility and small-school experience

One possible mid-round target for the Packers is versatile wideout Tre McBride.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, Acme Packing Company caught up with William & Mary wide receiver Tre McBride to discuss his game and some of his strengths as a wide receiver. Here is our exchange.

I'm confident in what I can do. I'm not sure that anybody else knows yet, so that's what I'm here for. I kinda made my money in college making the contested catch. High-pointing the ball, I run good routes, score touchdowns, the whole nine (yards).

APC: You played at a small school at William & Mary but had success against FBS competition. Do you have concerns about coming from FCS when most players played at FBS schools?

I don't, not at this point I don't. I played one FBS team a year, so that's four teams, then I got an opportunity to play in the Senior Bowl game, I went up against a lot of the cornerbacks that are here at the Combine and I still had success, I had a lot of success. I've seen a lot of the competition now, I'm not just saying I'm ready to go dominate right away, but that's the plan eventually.

APC: Who is one of the toughest guys you competed against?

I had fun going up against Damian Swann from UGA, had a lot of fun going up against him. He's a good friend, so we compete and we go at it every time we get a chance.

APC: Do you see yourself outside, in the slot, or versatile, playing anywhere?

I can play anywhere. In college, coach never limited me to any one position. I can move all the way around the ball, I can motion, I can block, I can run jet sweeps, I can get reverses, I can run deep, whatever needs to be done on the field, I can do it all.

APC: On cheat day, what's your favorite junk food?

I love chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, home-baked chocolate chip cookies.

McBride measured in at 6 feet and 1/4-inch tall and weighed 210 pounds, with 32-1/8" arms and 9" hands. He impressed in athletic tests on Saturday at the Combine, running his 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds with a 10-yard split time of 1.51 seconds, the second-best of any wideout. He also posted a 38-inch vertical jump