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Open Threads & Community Interaction

Acme Packing Company Thanksgiving Meal Draft 2020

The Acme Packing crew is back for our annual Thanksgiving Draft.

Come join the Acme Packing Company Discord!

APC wants to chat with you on game day!

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What’s your favorite sports video game?

APC writers reminisce about their favorite virtual sports experiences.

What was the best Packers team that did not win an NFL title?

There have been several options in recent years, and a few looking farther back. But which was the best?

Wednesday Walkthroughs: Favorite plays in NFL and Packers history

APC writers dive into their memory banks to pull up some positive memories.

Listen to the APC Watch Party commentary of the Packers’ Week 17 2013 win over the Bears

Watch one of the most exciting Packer victories with us!

APC Game Watch on Thursday 4/2: Packers v. Bears, Week 17 2013

Come watch a game with us!

TNF Week 3: Texans at Patriots game thread

Here’s how and when to tune in for tonight’s Thursday night game.

Packers vs. Chargers second half thread

James Starks has had himself a first half in Green Bay.

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APC Open Thread #90: Show Us What You Got, Raji

Click for Freezer Dance. Or else.

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Open Thread #89: Let's Hear it for Dave Robinson!

We honor the best Packer to ever wear number 89, linebacker Dave Robinson, in this edition of the APC Open Thread.

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APC Open Thread #77: Sorry, Green Bay, But Your Healthy Wide Receivers Are In Another Castle!

NFL Free Agency Open Thread

It's finally here!! Free agency opens up with a flurry of news and you can discuss it with other Packer fans here.

Franchise Tag Open Thread - UPDATED 3/1

Monday marks the start of a two week period where teams can place a franchise tag on a player. This is an open thread to follow updates and discuss reactions to these moves throughout the NFL.

Pro Bowl open thread

Okay, you guys. Let's do this.

Ravens-Pats open thread

More football! Football on football on football!

Niners-Falcons open thread

You don't have anything better to do, so watch some NFL Playoff football.

NFLPA bowl TV schedule and open thread

Marginal QBs and small-school stars! Catch the excitement!

East-West Shrine Game: Open Thread and TV Info

Come discuss potential future Packers who are participating in this year's Shrine Game on NFL Network.

Coaching madness open thread

Well, today has been nuts. This is your open thread to discuss Chip Kelly's move to the Eagles and Marc Trestman's move to the Bears

Texans-Patriots open thread

One last game in an incredible weekend of football. Hang out with us at APC as the Houston Texans face off against the New England Patriots in an AFC Divisional round playoff game.

Seahawks-Falcons open thread

As much as last night's game stunk for Packers fans, you still like football, don't you? This is your space to talk about Sunday's early game between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks.

Packers vs. 49ers: Second half thread

Chat with APC during the second half of the NFC divisional round playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

Packers vs. 49ers: Game thread

Come and chat with APC while the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL playoffs.

Ravens-Broncos open thread

Chat with the APC community during the AFC playoff game between the Ravens and Broncos, as we wait for the night's big game.

BCS National Championship open thread

Since there's no other football on this Monday night, a lot of you will probably watch the BCS National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama. There will be NFL prospects on display. It's fun stuff.

Vikings vs. Packers: Second half thread

Come chat with APC during the second half of Packers-Vikings.

Vikings vs. Packers III: Game thread

Chat with Acme Packing Company as the Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round.

Bengals-Texans open thread

It's the game before the game. Chat with Acme Packing Company during the AFC Wild Card game between the Bengals and Texans, which functions as a bit of a Packers-Vikings undercard.

Bowlmas open thread

Merry Bowlmas, everyone! What do you have to do on New Year's Day other than watch football? Chat about all of the bowl games with APC right here.

Black Monday open thread

The Green Bay Packers are not going to fire their coach and GM. May teams already have, and many more will. Talk about it here.

Vikings vs. Packers: Game thread

Chat with APC during the game as the Packers try to clinch a bye and deny the Vikings a playoff berth.

NFL schedule and open thread

Chat about the non-Packers, non-primetime games here.

Titans vs. Packers: Game thread

Come chat with APC as the Green Bay Packers fight to keep their first round bye hopes alive against the Tennessee Titans.

Week 16 NFL schedule and open thread

Looking for a place to chat about non-Packers games? This is your spot.

Saturday Night Open Thread: Falcons at Lions

Open thread for the Saturday Night game between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions.