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Mike McCarthy's Packers Press Conference: Execution and Details Need Work

On Monday, the Packers coach addressed the media and discussed the team's loss to San Francisco.

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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy took the podium on Monday afternoon to discuss his team's 34-28 loss to the 49ers. In his webcasted press conference on, McCarthy was understandably disappointed with portions of his team's performance on Sunday afternoon, as he discussed some specific issues with the game.

However, there were a few bright spots, and McCarthy touched on those as well. He did give a hint that the team will be working harder in practice this week to make up for deficiencies that he and his coaches saw in Sunday's game.

On how the safeties fared without Morgan Burnett:

They can play better, I think they both would tell you that...Not playing with Morgan wasn't as big a factor as Morgan practicing Wednesday and Thursday with the intent of playing.

On Johnny Jolly getting the start:

Jolly did some good things, particularly in's good to get Johnny back out there...a couple of our young guys didn't handle the start of the game particularly well.

McCarthy's overall impressions of the game:

The last 8 minutes of the game is probably our biggest disappointment as a team.

Execution...we didn't execute very well to start the game...especially the first series (on offense) blocking unit, I thought our guys got stronger as the game went on.

On accepting the illegal formation penalty to make it 3rd and 6 instead of 4th and 1:

The spot of the ball, we thought that Gore had gotten the first down instead of 4th and inches, so that was part of my decision to make it 3rd and 6.

On David Bakhtiari's first game:

David played well, he did a lot of good things.

On Matthews' late hit on Kaepernick:

I thought it was a bad decision by Clay, he was's football, much of it is blown out of proportion...I thought Clay played well, that was probably one of his couple bad plays.

On Anquan Boldin's day:

I know two big plays that he made, that he was doubled, we missed a tackle on the touchdown, both offenses did a good job of extending plays during the game.

On areas where Eddie Lacy needs to improve:

He needs to work on his details...My goal for him is to be a three-down player...the details, that's the difference between winning and losing.

On Josh Sitton's penalties:

You look at the fundamentals, so whether it was hand know, they're tough calls, the defensive lineman's reaction to being blocked had something to do with it.

What to expect in practice on Wednesday:

When I was a young coach, the veterans used to echo to the rookies that 'you get paid for Monday through Saturday, Sundays are for free.' We need to do a better job Monday through Saturday.

If I were a Packer, especially a defensive back, I would expect a hard week of practice this week. We'll have more from McCarthy on Wednesday, when he discusses the team's preliminary injury report and likely will preview the game against the Redskins in week two.

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