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Packers vs. Bears Week 13 TV Broadcast Map

Unfortunately, fans outside of the upper Midwest will have to resort to streaming or finding a local establishment to watch Sunday’s Packers-Bears game.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are 4-8, and the Chicago Bears are 3-9. A Sunday afternoon game between two struggling teams with records like these is unlikely to be a major broadcasting draw nationally; indeed, the week 13 contest between the two legendary franchises will appear on local television channels in only a small area of the United States.

This week’s broadcast maps are live courtesy of, and with FOX having six games to show across two timeslots, the reach of Packers-Bears will be very limited this Sunday. Here’s a look at where you can see the game on local TV, with Packers-Bears shown in green:

A map of the US showing the broadcast areas for FOX’s early games in week 13 of the NFL season
Packers-Bears shown in green

Even despite the great rivalry, this game will be limited to the upper midwest thanks to FOX’s large number of games this week. The biggest reach comes from the Titans-Eagles game (dark blue), which will be shown in major swaths of the Eastern and Central time zones. The other early games include Commanders-Giants (red), which dominates the Northeast, Lions-Jaguars (light blue), which will be on only in local areas.

The late games on FOX complicate things further, with Seahawks-Rams (yellow) and Dolphins-49ers (orange) both claiming the Mountain and Pacific time zones, along with local markets for teams playing on CBS in the early time slot.

Thus, if you’re outside of the upper Midwest, get ready to tune in via NFL Sunday Ticket or head to a local establishment with that TV package to see Packers-Bears, and hope that the current negotiations for the Sunday Ticket streaming package make it more accessible and affordable in 2023 and beyond.