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Packers vs. Commanders Week 7 TV Broadcast Map

A big swath of the country will still get to see the Packers on their local TV sets.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

If the Green Bay Packers’ slow start has given the NFL’s broadcasting partners any reason to question whether to keep airing the team’s games in large portions of the United States, they haven’t shown it yet.

This week, the Packers travel to play the Washington Commanders following back-to-back losses to the New York Giants and Jets. This will be the second straight week the Packers play in the early afternoon time slot and therefore the second time all season that they are up against more than one or two other games on the same network at the same time.

Indeed, FOX has four early games on their schedule for Sunday, but they have elected to again put the Packers’ game on in the largest area by landmass of any game in that slot. That game will be featured across the whole of the upper Midwest, as well as Virginia and the greater Washington, D.C. area as one would expect. However, most of the Great Plains states, the Rocky Mountains, and nearly the entire West Coast will get to catch this game on local television as well, with a few small exceptions.

Here’s this week’s broadcast map, compiled as always by

The other games on in this time slot include Giants-Jaguars (blue), Buccaneers-Panthers (green), and Falcons-Bengals (yellow). Aside from local markets getting local games, Texas and its surrounding areas will catch the Giants game presumably because of the NFC East rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, the other two areas with unusual picks include the upper New England area (getting the Buccaneers game presumably because of Tom Brady) and Eugene, Oregon, which will tune in to the Atlanta Falcons’ contest likely due to Marcus Mariota starting at quarterback.

Join us this weekend as we follow along with Packers-Commanders on Sunday afternoon.