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2020 Week 6: Packers at Buccaneers

Packers-Buccaneers Second Half Game Thread

After a good start, the Packers’ wheels fell off in the second quarter.

Aaron Rodgers channels ‘Key & Peele’ with TD celebration against Buccaneers

Rodgers didn’t get credit for the score after review, but the celebration is worth revisiting.

Packers-Buccaneers First Half Game Thread

Join us for the first half of the much-hyped Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady matchup today.

Packers-Buccaneers Inactives: Kevin King & Tyler Ervin sit, Bucs’ receivers at full strength

Green Bay will be down one of its top cover men plus a dynamic return man.

Week 6 Chat with Bucs Nation: Tampa Bay’s defense has turned in strong performances

APC is joined by Gil Arcia of Bucs Nation for a discussion on the Tampa Bay defense.

Packers-Buccaneers Injury Report: Adams & Clark ‘ready to go,’ Tyler Ervin ruled out

It’s full speed ahead for a pair of star Packers players.

Week 6 Chat with Bucs Nation: How good is the Tampa Bay offense?

Gil Arcia of Bucs Nation helps us break down the Tampa Bay offense.

Packers Friday Musings: Packers-Bucs rivalry renews this week after brief layoff

Not so long ago, this weekend’s matchup was one of the Packers’ more bitter divisional rivalries.

Packers-Buccaneers Week 6 Game Primer

Here’s how and when to tune in for this Sunday’s premier matchup.

The Packers and Buccaneers have amazingly similar defenses

The Bucs have one of the NFL’s best defenses. The Packers? One of the worst. They’re also eerily similar.

APC Podcast: Sunday will be measuring stick for Packers & Buccaneers

Buc What Ya Heard’s Gene Thomas helps us get ready for Rodgers v Brady

Is this real life? Buccaneers’ defense poses tough test for Packers, but it may be a mirage

Does the Packers’ next opponent have a great defense or is it fool’s gold?

Wednesday injury report shows Packers are getting healthy for Buccaneers after bye

Green Bay looks to have a few of its injured stars back in time for Sunday’s game in Tampa.