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Packers Film Room

Jordan Love’s playoff debut highlights one area where the QB excels

The growth of Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love in one play.

What challenges do the 49ers’ run game present for the Packers' defense?

Breaking down the 49ers’ offense and the challenges the 49ers’ run game poses for the Packers on Saturday night.

Film Room: Previewing the Packers’ defense vs. 49ers’ offense

Today’s Packers Film Room looks at the 49ers passing offense and how the Packers' defense might defend against it.

Packers Film Room: Defense sacks Justin Fields 5 times in Week 18

In today’s film room, we breakdown the defense’s five sacks on Bears quarterback Justin Fields in Week 18.

Packers Film Room: Jordan Love seals the win vs. the Bears

Today we break down four critical throws on the final field goal drive of the week 18 game.

Film Room: Jordan Love throws the Packers into the playoffs in Week 18

Today we break down four critical throws on the two touchdown drives versus the Bears in Week 18.

The 2-play sequence leading to Bo Melton’s 1st touchdown catch

Part 2 exploring how the Packers used a specific pass concept, stick/flat, to put stress on the Vikings coverages and how it led to Bo Melton’s first NFL touchdown.

Packers stick/flat passing concepts gave them easier answers vs. Vikings

A simple day 1 pass install concept was the key to unlocking the Minnesota coverage rules in Week 17.

Jayden Reed’s touchdown catch highlights WR room growth in 2023

One play that shows how the receiver group is growing and developing this season.

Lack of defensive execution nearly costs the Packers another game

Execution issues plague the Packers' defense in a narrow win in Week 16.

Packers Film Room: Defensive issues continue to show up late in games

A series of baffling decisions by Joe Barry led to a near-disastrous end result.

Packers Film Room: Jordan Love’s bails out the defense in win over Carolina

Jordan Love’s strong performance against Carolina lifted the Packers over the Panthers in Week 16.

Packers Film Room: Green Bay’s 2- and 3-man dagger concepts

Breaking down the 2- and 3-man dagger variants that the Packers’ offensive passing game runs.

Packers Film Room: Green Bay’s coverage issues in the loss to Tampa Bay

A look into some of the execution errors on defense in the loss to Tampa Bay.

Packers Film Room: Situational defense in the losses to the Giants and Buccaneers

This week, we look at the Packers' situational defense in the recent losses. Thanks, Joe Barry!

How Jordan Love’s footwork and timing have improved this season

A look at how Jordan Love’s progression has improved through the lens of two similar plays in recent weeks.

Jordan Love’s early season struggles highlighted in loss to the Giants

Jordan Love’s seasons-long struggle with accuracy, decision-making, and footwork are all present in the loss to the Giants.

Joe Barry and the defense’s red zone answers for Mahomes and the Chiefs

Today we take a look at the Packers red zone defense in the win over Kansas City.

Packers Film Room: 4 key plays from Jordan Love in win over the Chiefs

Today we look at four key plays from Jordan Love that show his continued growth in the week 13 win over Kansas City.

Packers Film Room: How Matt LaFleur sequenced his play calling versus Kansas City

Today’s film room dives into some of the way Matt LaFleur married his run game to the play-action passing game in the Week 13 win over Kansas City.

Packers Film Room: Jayden Reed’s emerging role in the Packers running game

Jayden Reed is adding an element of versatility the Packers' offense needs at the right time for a playoff push.

Jordan Love makes the case for his long-term future in a win over Detroit

Today’s Packers film room dives into Jordan Love’s most recent performance: a Thanksgiving win over the Detroit Lions.

Breaking down the game-winning drive vs. the Chargers, part 2

A quick film review looks inside the game-winning touchdown play against the Chargers.

Breaking down the game-winning drive vs. the Chargers, part 1

A film review looks at the Week 11 game winning drive, part 1.

How in-game scouting led to Christian Watson’s TD catch vs. the Chargers

The Packers identified a schematic weakness in the Chargers pass coverage that led to Christian Watson’s touchdown.

Packers Film Room: Breaking down Jordan Love’s Week 10

Jordan Love struggled with accuracy on Sunday in week 10 continued to make progress reading the field with five big time throws.

Packers HC breaks down Jordan Love’s 1st interception vs. Steelers

Head coach Matt LaFleur gave some insight into the details of route running on Jordan Love’s throw to Christian Watson that was intercepted late in the 4th quarter.

Packers Film Room: Packers nickel front run defense remains a weakness

The Packers’ run defense gave up close to 200 yards to the Steelers’ running backs in Week 10. One formation is of primary fault.

Packers Film Room: Green Bay’s use of motion to create space

The Packers' offense found success using motion on 18 pass plays for Jordan Love, most of which involved the Dolphins' "cheat" motion, to create space for the receivers.

Green Bay rookies led the Packers’ defense to victory over the Rams

Two Packers rookie defensive backs stepped up in a major way on Sunday versus the Rams in Week 9.

Packers Film Room: Luke Musgrave’s fake double screen touchdown

In a copycat league, the Packers turned to a familiar play in the west coast offense lineage on a touchdown play versus the Rams.

Packers Film Room: Matt LaFleur breaks down the details the wide receivers are missing

Head coach Matt LaFleur gave some good insight into a specific play and the finer details of route running on Jayden Reed’s 31 yard catch in the third quarter versus the Vikings.

Packers Film Room: Green Bay’s 2x2 inside zone arrow RPO

Today we break down the Packers usages of their 2x2 inside zone arrow RPO.

Packers Film Room: Blown coverages on Vikings’ key third down conversions

Today’s Packers Film Room looks at key blown coverages by the defense and missed opportunities on 3rd down in week eight.

Packers Film Room: Breaking down the interception vs. Denver

Today’s Packers Film Room breaks down the final play, Jordan Love’s game-ending interception, what coverage the defense was in, and what the play tries to accomplish.

Packers Film Room: Execution issues plague the offense in Week 7, pt. 2

In part two of the Week 7 offense review, we look at the continued mistakes from the Packers' young receiving corps.