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Packers Sign Julius Peppers: Reactions from Packers Players on Twitter

The Packers' most recent free agent signing has the team's other players under contract buzzing.

Jonathan Daniel

When news broke of the Green Bay Packers signing former Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers, reaction started to flow in from all over Twitter. Some of the most entertaining reactions came from Packers players, who are noticably excited with the signing.

First up are some of Peppers' teammates on the front seven:

We also have some reactions from players on other sides of the ball:

Other reactions coming in from Twitter were equally entertaining. Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon weighed in:

CheeseheadTV's Brian Carriveau threw out a tantalizing possibility:

Finally, we have this photo tweeted by Peppers' agent of the newest Packer taking in his new home field with a different perspective: