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James Starks and Letroy Guion Contracts: Packers Get Bargains on Both

The two most recent Packer free agent signees now have their contract details available.

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The Green Bay Packers signed running back James Starks and defensive tackle Letroy Guion to contracts over the past week, and we have been patiently waiting to hear the terms of the two players' contracts. We now know what kind of compensation they will be receiving, thanks to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn.

McGinn also breaks down the bonus structure of the contract in his post on the Journal-Sentinel's website.

So here's your overall breakdown of the deal, which has a few screwy numbers in it due to per-game roster bonuses:

Year Salary/Bonuses Signing Bonus Deferral Other Bonuses Approx. Cap Number
2014 $750,000 $362,500 $257,813 $1.37 M
2015 $1,175,000 $362,500 $257,813 $1.795 M

All told, that looks like one heck of a bargain for a running back who proved a year ago that he was a terrific complementary back. If Starks can stay healthy, it is easy to imagine him having a similar impact to the one he had a year ago. He also provides valuable insurance for Eddie Lacy, should the defending Offensive Rookie of the Year go through troubles with injuries.

Defensive tackle Letroy Guion's contract was also released today, and it is also a bargain. Guion will make just under $1 million in 2014, which is less than a quarter of what he would have made in Minnesota had the Vikings not released him:

Presumably, the additional $125,000 in Guion's contract not represented in his signing bonus or base salary is occupied in roster or workout bonuses.

All told, these are two low-risk signings for relatively low money. Guion will likely be a depth piece on the interior of the defensive line, while Starks will look to repeat his success from 2013 as the number two option at running back.