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Matt Flynn to Work Out for New York Giants on Tuesday

The Giants' interest in the former Packers QB is legitimate.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you were still skeptical that the New York Giants would indeed make an effort to sign Matt Flynn, it's time to put those doubts to rest right now. The former Packers backup quarterback is an unrestricted free agent, and news broke last Friday that the Giants had contacted him. That contact has apparently led to a workout:

While it is somewhat surprising that the Packers have not yet re-signed Flynn, especially considering Mike McCarthy's praise of the quarterback, it is possible that this workout may spur action on the part of Ted Thompson and company. Without any signs of the two sides nearing a deal, Flynn may well decide that a part-time job with the Giants is better than continuing to look for a new contract with Green Bay.

One possible reason for the delays may be guaranteed money. The Packers will probably want to keep any guaranteed money in Flynn's contract to a minimum so they could release him if necessary with little to no effect on the salary cap. Flynn's camp will of course push for guarantees in the contract so he is either compensated somewhat or so the team has financial reasons to keep him around even if his play in training camp would warrant his release.

One thing is sure: the Giants' interest in Flynn is real, and it will put some added pressure on the Packers if they truly want to bring him back for another season.