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Matt Flynn's New Packers Contract Worth Just Over $1 Million With Incentives

The details of the one-year contract between the Packers and Matt Flynn are out, and it is quite a team-friendly deal.

Caption this in the comments!
Caption this in the comments!
Ronald Martinez

What we learned about over a week ago finally became official on Tuesday when the Green Bay Packers' players reported for offseason workouts: quarterback Matt Flynn signed his new one-year contract on Tuesday morning, and that allowed him to take part in the full offseason program.

Today, we learned the details of Flynn's deal, thanks to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun:

If you're like me and you like things in table or list form, the contract is broken it down below in an easier-to-digest form:

Quantity Base Salary Signing Bonus Workout Bonus Roster Bonus Incentives Expected Salary Cap Hit
Value $730,000 $75,000 $25,000 $138,125 $100,000 $1,068,125

Because is counting the incentives in Flynn's contract in the expected cap hit, those incentives appear to be considered "likely to be earned". It is obviously unclear at this point what those incentives will consist of, but they could be tied to any number of different things.

The base salary is the league minimum for a veteran with Flynn's experience, though the bonuses obviously increase his total compensation above that level.

The Packers did buy themselves a little bit of flexibility in this contract, however. The only guaranteed money is that $75,000 signing bonus. If the team were to decide to release Flynn during training camp, they would only be on the hook for $100,000 in dead money (the signing bonus plus the workout bonus which should be paid out shortly). This still gives the team flexibility to make the right decision with their quarterbacks and retain the right players rather than being forced to keep an undeserving player at the position just because he has a heavy cap hit.