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Green Bay Packers 2016 Free Agents List: Raji, Perry, Hayward are the big names

Here is the list of players from Green Bay who will be hitting the market this Spring.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers got the biggest fish in their impending free agent class back for the long term a few weeks ago when they signed defensive lineman Mike Daniels to a four-year contract extension. Daniels' deal, which is worth an average of just over $10 million per year, will keep him in Green Bay through the 2019 season.

That signing, however, leaves the team with a remaining total of eighteen players who will hit free agency in some way, shape, or form following the 2015 season. Here's the list, as well as a primer on each type of free agency in effect.

Unrestricted Free Agents

These players are eligible for unrestricted free agency because they will have accrued four or more years of NFL experience after 2015. These players may sign with any NFL team starting on March 9th at 4:00 PM Eastern.

Restricted Free Agents

The Packers may extend "tender" offers to their restricted free agents - players who will have three accrued seasons of experience and whose contracts are expiring. If they extend a tender, the Packers will have the right to match any contract offer made to a player, and depending on the amount of the tender they may be eligible for a draft pick (either first- or second-round) if the player signs elsewhere and the Packers decline to match. Neither player is likely to receive a tender, however.

Exclusive-Rights Free Agents

These players have two or fewer accrued years of experience. If the Packers extend either of these players a qualifying offer (which would likely be a league-minimum contract), they may not negotiate with any other NFL team during free agency.

Note: this is Banjo's third year with the Packers, but he did not qualify for an accrued season in 2014 because he was on the practice squad for much of the year and did not spend enough time on the 53-man roster.