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Aaron Rodgers decides to return to Packers, expected to sign massive new contract

#12 is back and will get an enormous contract covering the next several seasons and providing the Packers with some cap relief for 2022.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers’ decision is here, and to paraphrase his favorite film character, John Wick, we’re thinking he’s back.

The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday reported via Twitter that Rodgers will indeed return to the Green Bay Packers for the 2022 season. McAfee’s sources only say that Rodgers is returning with a contract extension on the way that has not yet been agreed to but that will be “cap friendly.” McAfee also noted that retirement was a “real consideration.”

Momentarily after this tweet came in, Ian Rapoport of confirmed that Rodgers is returning, providing details of a massive contract that his sources indicate has been agreed upon by both sides. Per Rapoport, the deal is for four years and a massive $200 million, with $153 million guaranteed.

However, McAfee disputed that contract talk, saying his sources indicate the 4 years and $200 million is “not accurate.”

In any case, Rodgers’ decision is in, and one way or another he will sign a contract that will lessen his 2022 cap hit for the Packers from its previous $46.7 million number. This likely paves the way for the Packers to place the franchise tag on wide receiver Davante Adams, and a long-term deal for Rodgers may increase the likelihood that Adams signs a long-term deal in Green Bay as well. There will also be numerous knock-on effects of Rodgers’ return, as it will help determine which veteran players the Packers will keep around for 2022 and beyond.

If Rodgers does sign a new contract covering four years, that would lock him in through the 2025 season. Rodgers will turn 42 years old in December of that year.

Stay tuned for additional information about Rodgers’ new contract and the moves coming over the next several days to get the Packers under the $208.2 million salary cap.

UPDATE: Rodgers himself weighed in on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, confirming that he is indeed returning to play for the Packers. However, he also threw water on Rapoport’s reports about contract details: