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Packers fans do not yet have a favorite candidate for head coach

The Packers don’t seem to have a #1 target yet, and fans can’t agree on one either.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Is the Green Bay Packers’ head coaching job really less appealing than the opportunity to lead the Cleveland Browns? Some would have you believe that is the case. In Friday’s Cheese Curds, APC broke down a few sources that made that argument.

Meanwhile, the SB Nation FanPulse survey results from across all NFL fans are pretty split, but with a slight 54-46 edge favoring Cleveland:

Quality of the job aside, SB Nation also asked Packers fans about who their preferred candidate would be in the APC-specific FanPulse surveys, and found that there is no single individual who stands out above the rest. Each of four specific candidates lost out to the field as follows:

  • Josh McDaniels (Patriots OC): 27%
  • Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma HC): 27%
  • Mike Pettine (Packers DC): 10%
  • John DeFilippo (Vikings OC): 2%
  • Other: 34%

As time goes on and names begin to emerge as front-runners, we will continue to ask readers how they feel about the top names. But for now, there does not seem to be any one name that stands out above the rest in the minds of Packers fans.

Let us know who your top choice would be in the comments below!