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Packers 2018 Draft Board Projection

Packers 2018 OL Draft Board Projection — this year’s group has layers

Trying to figure out what Brian Gutekunst will do about drafting offensive linemen is impossible, so we broke down this year’s draft class into several categories.

Packers DL Draft Board: Most of the athletic linemen are projected for day 3

While there are few DL who fit the Packers’ trends early in this year’s draft, keep an eye on a couple of potential Saturday picks and free agents.

Packers 2018 Draft Board Projection: Few Running Backs fit Packers’ mold this year

Related: why did so few of the top running backs seem to want to run the 3-cone drill this year?

Projecting the Packers’ CB Draft Board: Is Gutey relaxing CB height requirement?

A couple of the Packers’ pre-draft visits suggest that the team isn’t going to stick to their previous height cutoff for corners, and we put together a draft board for the position based on that information.