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Photos from NFL's Gameday Village In Seattle

Tex was able to spend some time in downtown Seattle on Wednesday and snapped some photos from the game-week festivities.

Over the past several years, the National Football League's tradition has been to allow the defending Super Bowl champions to host the first game of the NFL season on Thursday of Week One. This year, the Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers in the opener.

Accompanying this game over the years has been the Gameday Village, an area of displays, activities, and promotions that is typically set up near the host stadium. Likewise, downtown Seattle is hosting the event this year, as the village is set up a short walk from CenturyLink Field. Occidental Park serves as the host location this year, and it sits just a short four-block walk from the stadium.

In addition, the pregame concert is taking place right outside the stadium, as Pharrell Williams and Soundgarden are scheduled to play.

APC's Tex Western was in Seattle this week and snapped a handful of photos of some interesting displays and spots at Gameday Village and the stadium on Wednesday. Enjoy the photos as we get ready to cheer on the Packers to victory on Thursday night.