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Ted Thompson Press Conference: Discussing the Packers' Roster Cut Process

The Packers' GM spoke to the media today and talked about the process that the front office will go through later this week to trim the roster to 53 players.

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Ted Thompson spoke to the media on Tuesday to discuss the Green Bay Packers' roster cuts and the process by which the team trims the roster down to 53 players on Saturday. While being broadcast on, Ted was his usual blah self, mainly speaking in cliches, but he did provide a little bit of insight into the process by which the organization will cut the roster down at the end of training camp.

On the process of trimming the roster after Thursday's game:

We'll do the evaluations of the game (on Friday), we'll have several meetings, talk about different scenarios, at some point begin notifying players if we're gonna be making any moves, probably on Saturday.

Ted also indicated that practice squad decisions would be made on Sunday.

On how he feels about cutting players:

It's awful...most of the time I get physically sick...this is a hard thing to do to come in and compete against grown men...sometime there's almost this flippant way of reporting, like 'this guy got axed'...I'm a little sensitive to it because one time I got axed.

On the kicking situation:

Like every position on our team, it's ongoing. But we literally do that with every spot." On Tavecchio: "(Giorgio) wouldn't have been forgotten, he was here yesterday.

On Chris Banjo:

He's doing fine, like all the young fellas you've asked me about. Seems like a nice kid.

On the role of the practice squad:

We try to decide things based on who the best players are, but there are some considerations for numbers...what you need to practice efficiently and that sort of thing. But all of our practice squad guys are told at the beginning and continuously told through the season that their job is to get ready to play and help us win games.

On Graham Harrell:

We just felt like it was time to move on.

When asked if roster decisions based more on practice vs. preseason games:

It's a combination of all those things.

When asked if he would or had ever kept a player to keep other teams away from claiming him?

You have to try to do what you think is the very best for the Packers and for those guys in the locker room and the rest of that will take care of itself.

When asked if he would be more likely to talk with former Packers execs like Schneider or Dorsey about players who had been cut?

I have a lot of relationships, as does my staff, with a lot of guys all around the league.

There you have the latest and greatest from the ever-vibrant Ted Thompson. Now that he's done talking to the media, look for cuts to start being announced fairly soon, as the deadline to reach the 75-man limit is at 3:00 PM Central.

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