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A Holiday Poem for Packers Fans

Here's a great poem submitted to the APC Facebook page by a loyal reader. Thanks, and great work!

'Twas week seventeen, and all through the North
The Packers and Bears fans struggled for warmth

They all went to church, and sent up their prayers
that a division championship, soon would be theirs

On the field known as Soldier, the game would commence
surrounded by travelers with cheese on their heads

And throughout all the land, Cheeseheads' spirits were lifted
By the late Christmas present Coach McCarthy had gifted

"Aaron Rodgers is back!" rose the cheer like a chorus
"He's returned to the field just in time to restore us

"to the top of the North, to the top of the league!"
And against the Bears? You could taste the intrigue

For the team from Chicago had come into Lambeau
And broken their quarterback 8 weeks ago

In the weeks since that night, fans showed signs of fear
that the season was over. Talk turned to "next year"

But then Matt Flynn returned to lead a late-season surge
and something more wondrous began to emerge

For the running back Lacy set a team rookie mark
And he wasn't alone, for John Kuhn and James Starks

Gave the Packers a running game, now the offense is balanced!
Will the Chicago Bears defense be up to the challenge?

All signs point to "NO!" Against the run, they're dead last
and with Rodgers' return comes the threat of the deep pass

to James Jones, and Jordy, and the Tight End named Quarless
those Bears have no chance of keeping this offense scoreless

The playoffs begin now, for the loser is done
whilst the winner today can continue their run

through the postseason with a game at their home venue
As a Cheesehead myself, hopefully, to be continued...