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Aaron Rodgers throws first touchdown pass of 2022 to Aaron Jones for 17-7 lead over Bears

Jones now has two scores on the night.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The second quarter of Sunday night’s game has been a good one for Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones. After scoring a 15-yard rushing touchdown earlier in the quarter, Jones put up his second score of the game about ten minutes of game clock later.

This one came on a pass from Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback’s first scoring pass of the season. It was effectively a run play, with Jones coming in motion in front of Rodgers. The push pass from the QB with Jones running full speed gave him plenty of speed and momentum to carry him eight yards into the end zone.

Here’s a look at the play:

After that play, Jones had 63 total yards to go with his two scores, with 40 yards on the ground and 23 through the air. Rodgers is starting to get into a groove as well, completing 9 of 15 passes for 115 yards and the score.