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Caption This: Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers Go At It On the Sidelines

What was Mike McCarthy saying to Aaron Rodgers with his deathglare? Acme Packing Co. examines.

Matthew Stockman

It's understandable if you're bummed about Sunday's game. But from strictly a football standpoint you have to admit, the Packers versus Bengals featured everything you could want as a fan. You had turnovers galore, a blocked kick, big plays on both sides, the ever important nut-shot when the refs weren't looking, and to top things off, a good ol' fashioned sideline spat between the coach and star quarterback. So rather than focus on the bad, we figured we'd move on from what actually happened on the field by trying to answer what was on everyone's mind - just what did Mike McCarthy say to Aaron Rodgers? Here are our best guesses. List yours below.

"STOP IT with the damn State Farm commercials!"

"Yeah? Well your acting makes Jordy Nelson look like Daniel Day Lewis."

"Dalton called, he wants his suckiness back!"


"One more bad decision and I'm telling Ted!"

"The Emmys are tonight, you can stop acting like a sh$&*y quarterback!"

"Dude, Mexican after the game? You know that gives me heartburn!"

"I just saved 15% on my car insurance!"

"Remember Greg Jennings' sister's Twitter account? THAT WAS ME A-HOLE!"

"I swear I'm about to put in - wait, who's our backup? - Seneca!"

"I'll kick your ass worse than your offensive line is!"

"This isn't Cincinnati, THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!"

"Shouldn't you be hanging with your Pizza Hut bros?"

"I don't care that I called it three times in a row. DRAW PLAY!!"

"Seriously, you're whining more than Jay Cutler"

"Me. You. Dance off in the parking lot after the game"

"Bull$&#! Breaking Bad is better than Mad Men!"

Tell us in the comments what you think McCarthy is saying here and vote for your favorites by using the "Rec" button. The winner with the most recs gets...bragging rights! Yay!

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