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GIF Recap - Breaking Down the Packers' 38-17 Victory Over Carolina

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Captain Picard, the Hulk, and Carlton help us break down Green Bay's big win.

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Joe Robbins

After a one-week hiatus, we're back in the aftermath of week seven with our GIF recap of the Packers' game. This week, we will break down Green Bay's 38-17 destruction of the Carolina Panthers with our usual grace, tact, and nerdy references.



On the Packers' first drive of the game, they got the benefit of a couple of defensive penalties and a short third-down conversion on a scramble by Aaron Rodgers, before Jordy Nelson did Jordy Nelson things. He took a deep throw up the sideline, cut back to avoid a safety who took a bad angle, and was off to the races. The offense was picking up where it left off on the last drive against Miami.

A quick three-and-out for the Panthers gave Rodgers and company the ball back at their own 44-yard line. A little bit of Eddie Lacy, Nelson, and Randall Cobb set up the Green and Gold with first and goal from the five. Lacy bounced to the right and walked in uncontested for six points. 14-0 Packers with barely nine minutes taken off the clock?

James Starks got into the equation on the next drive after a little catch and run by Cobb was helped out by a 15-yard roughness penalty on Carolina. Starks cut back to the left from the 13 and split through a couple of defenders to dive over the goal line for a third Packers score. This is for you, James:

The third drive for the Panthers was just like the first two - three-and-out. By this point, we're feeling pretty giddy about this defense's performance:

Unfortunately, the Packers would go three-and-out on the next drive as well, but got the ball back after an 8-play Carolina drive stalled out. This time, Lacy busted out a couple of 10+ yard runs and Rodgers scrambled down to the three for a first down on third and 12. Then it was a piece of cake for Rodgers to find Randall Cobb, his favorite red-zone target, for a three-yard score to make it 28-0. That was Cobb's eighth score of the year, in just seven games.

But then the Panthers find some offense before halftime, thanks to Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin. They work their way into field goal range and hit a three-pointer as the second quarter concludes to get on the board and cut the lead from 28-0 down to 28-3.


Half number two began much the same way as the first half did. The defense, after giving up a pair of quick first downs, locked things down near midfield. The Packers stuffed a Jonathan Stewart run on third and one, and then denied Cam Newton the first down on a quarterback sneak on fourth and inches.

A few plays later, a catch-and-run by Cobb set up the Packers just outside the red zone. From the 21, a gorgeous route design got Davante Adams wide open in the middle of the defense. Rodgers found him and Adams scampered into the end zone with ease for the team's fifth touchdown of the day and left Panthers fans in shock with their team down 35-3.

The rest of the third quarter was frankly uneventful, as the two teams traded punts and Green Bay tacked on a field goal to make it 38-3. The one big surprise was Luke Kuechly, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, being ejected on a controversial call for contact with a referee after being engaged in a pile.

Carolina did tack on a pair of touchdowns in garbage time, but by that time it was already the Matt Flynn show.


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