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2014 Week 13: Patriots vs. Packers

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A reminder that 8 different Packers had a catch last Sunday

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Now watch Richard Rodgers' touchdown frame by frame

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Check out the behind-the-scenes photos from Patriots vs. Packers

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Jordy Nelson's 45-yard touchdown frame by frame

Performance Grades: Adams, Barrington step up

We take a second look at the Packers 26-21 home win over the New England Patriots and hand out positional performance grades.

No, Bill Belichick did not Play the Long Con

You may have read an article from in Tuesday morning's cheese curds. Now read further as one APC writer breaks down the absurdity of this article's premise.

On Deep Passes, Adams' Role, and Snap Counts

We look back into the numbers to find some stats that help explain what happened in Sunday's big Packers win.

Davante Adams emerges in critical Packers win

Dom Capers also played a big part in securing the Packers' biggest win of the season.

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Tom Brady Reacts to Cobb's Game-Clinching Catch

Tom Brady wasn't happy after Randall Cobb caught a first down to seal a Packers victory. Click here to check out our full recap of Sunday's game.

Recap: Packers Hold Off Patriots for 26-21 Win

Aaron Rodgers helped the Packers hold off the New England Patriots at home in a 26-21 victory.

Patriots-Packers Second Half Thread

Join us for the second half as the Packers try to defeat the Patriots and move to 9-3.

Halftime Update: Packers lead 23-14

The Green Bay Packers lead the New England Patriots 23-14 at home in a tight game. We recap the good, bad and the ugly from the game thus far.

Packers-Patriots First Half Game Thread

Join your APC brethren as we discuss the first 30 minutes of the biggest AFC-NFC matchup of the year.

Inactives: Perry Will Play, Chandler Jones Out

The Packers will have all of their key players available for this afternoon's game, while the Patriots are without one of their top defensive linemen.

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Packers - Patriots series history in one infographic

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More Patriots vs. Packers team comparison infographics

NE-GB Primer: TV, Online Streaming, and More

Get ready for Sunday's huge Week 13 game with our weekly Game Primer.

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Patriots vs. Packers: Comparing Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Nick Perry Questionable with Shoulder Injury

The outside linebacker may miss his second consecutive game.

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Patriots vs. Packers to air everywhere but Atlanta

5 Things to Watch: Gronk, Jordy, and the Deep Ball

Regular season non-conference games don't come much bigger than this

Week 13 NFL Picks: Split Decision on Packers-Pats

Though APC's authors are mostly split on Sunday's game, the Packers get the consensus pick thanks to their success at home in 2014.

GMC Playbook: How Would GB Fare with Brady at QB?

We look at the quarterbacks' deep passes to see if the Packers might change their philosophy on offense if they had a different number 12 under center.

Bill Belichick praises Aaron Rodgers

New England's head coach sees Rodgers' ability to threaten a defense downfield as a prime concern.

Packers-Patriots History: Remembering SB XXXI

In this week's history lesson, we take a look at Green Bay's history against the New England Patriots.

Defending Gronk: Dom Capers' Week 13 Enigma

Though double-coverage is likely a must on the 6'6" tight end, more pressure falls on the defenders matched up man-to-man and on the Packers' pass rush.