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Titans vs. Packers: Wednesday Injury Report

A few new names popped up on the Packers' injury report for practice on Wednesday.

Scott Boehm

It's another week in the 2012 NFL season, which apparently means that another group of Packers need to get injured and miss practice time. There are a few new names on this Wednesday's report, all of whom are key players. The usual suspects appear, specifically Charles Woodson, Jordy Nelson, James Starks, and C.J. Wilson, but you'll see a number of other names that hopefully will improve by the end of the week.

Player Injury Wednesday Practice Status
Aaron Rodgers Ankle Full
Randall Cobb Shoulder Limited
Charles Woodson Collarbone Limited
Tom Crabtree Illness/hamstring Did not practice
Alex Green Concussion Did not practice
T.J. Lang Concussion Did not practice
Jordy Nelson Hamstring Did not practice
Jeff Saturday Neck/shoulder Did not practice
James Starks Knee Did not practice
Erik Walden Ankle Did not practice
C.J. Wilson Knee Did not practice
Jerel Worthy Hamstring Did not practice

That's an awfully long list of names, especially when you realize that every one of them is either the starter at his position or a primary backup who sees substantial playing time. Thankfully, Rodgers' ankle injury doesn't appear to be problematic at all. Time will tell whether Cobb's shoulder injury, which originally flared up in Week 9 against Arizona, will actually make him miss any time.

As for Alex Green and T.J. Lang, Mike McCarthy said that their concussions "became evident at some point after the game or Monday. However, he's still hopeful that both will be able to play against Tennessee on Sunday. He also indicated that practices are being lightened to ease the burden on the players at this stage in the season.

We'll have more on the Packers' injuries as the week goes on.