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Wisconsin snowmageddon: Do you need a workout?

Shovel that snow, APCers.

Tom Pennington

Look at you, just sitting on your couch and eating potato chips while you wait out the winter snowstorm across Wisconsin. You're already going to be fat by tomorrow, and your significant other is going to yell at you to get off your tail. Why not help out the football team you love so much?

On Friday morning, the Green Bay Packers are going to need a heck of a lot of help to clear all of the snow off the field and out of the stands to get the stadium ready for Sunday. The Packers welcome the Tennessee Titans, who will certainly be thrilled about the weather conditions.

You get $10 per hour of shoveling, for a to be determined amount of time. If you're at least 15 and you're one of the first 600 people to show up, you'll get paid to shovel snow from 8 a.m. CT on.

Work those biceps, y'all.