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Don Barclay Added To Injury Report

A bit of bad news to share with all of you this Saturday evening. It seems that Don Barclay has gotten sick and is now questionable for the game against the Tennessee Titans. This is troubling because it may mean another round of musical chairs for the offensive line. If Barclay misses the game then T.J. Lang will probably kick back out to RT, Evan Dietrich-Smith will move back to LG and Jeff Saturday will avoid a benching and continue playing center. If that comes to pass then we will have to wait a week for the great EDS as starting center experiment.

Barclay has been a surprise for the Packers this year filling in at right tackle. While it's clear he has not been as good as starter Bryan Bulaga, Barclay has been able to perform reasonably well and has been a slight upgrade from having Lang fill in along the outside. If he misses the game then the Packers are weaker at two spots along the line with Lang at RT and EDS at LG. It could also be argued that the Packers would be weaker at three spots along the line since it was just announced this week that Saturday was being benched in favor of EDS.

Needless to say, Packer fans everywhere are praying for the health of Barclay tonight and that he might make a full recovery in time for the game tomorrow.