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Hottest Take of the Week for Packers-Seahawks: On Jordy Nelson and the 2014 Offense

Green Bay's offense takes center stage after the team beat one of the top teams in the NFC last Sunday.

What was the hottest take of the week coming out of the Green Bay Packers' beatdown of the Seattle Seahawks? There are a couple of candidates, but Matub finds a scorcher about a Packers player that gives us a new listing on the 1-through-5 Hot Take O-Meter.

Among the topics this week are the following:

  • Is Green Bay's offense back to its 2014 heights?
  • "The team that no one wants to face"
  • Is Jordy Nelson the most underrated player in sports?

And there's much more, including a phenomenal attempt to pronounce the name of a certain Milwaukee Bucks star. Enjoy!