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Hottest Take of the Week, Packers-Cowboys Edition: Hindsight is 20/20

The Packers beat the Cowboys in Dallas and Matub looks all the way back to May.

After some late-game heroics and quite a bit of “clutch” magic, Aaron Rodgers helped the Packers to overcome the Dallas Cowboys in “Jerry World”. This should be all any fan has to talk about, but the complaints are aplenty this week.

Instead of focusing on negativity or calling out those known for hot take tirades, a positive look back in time is chosen. It would be much too easy to go after the uninformed naysayers and the Skip Bayless-types of the world. In place their place, an article about the 2017 draft class from early May is analyzed.

Mike Vieth, Tex Western, Kris Burke, Jason Hirschhorn, and BadgerNoonan all have takes regarding specific rookies, admittedly with the prompt of making bold predictions. Each take has its own level of accuracy after five games into the season.

BadgerNoonan’s take involving Aaron Jones is especially scrutinized as the Cowboys game makes it a near-certainty.

Here is a link to the article in question.

Finally, the Packers are moving on to the Minnesota Vikings next week. Everyone should be sure to stock up on Purple Crush.

Do you agree with the analysis of the draft article? Is it way too early to tell? What do you think were the hottest takes this week?

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