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2016 Hottest Take of the Year & Hot Take Hall of Fame Induction

APC’s resident take expert looks back at all the takes from the 2016 season and examine a few from the draft season.

After an offseason-long hiatus, it’s time for another edition of Hottest Take of the Week! This week, Matub brings us not just a week’s worth of hot takes, but rather his pick for the hottest take of the entire 2016 season.

And boy, it’s a doozy.

In addition to citing a certain blowhard sports media member, we also have our first induction into the APC Hot Take Hall of Fame, which was inspired by Green Bay Packers fans’ incredible hype for a certain undrafted free agent from two seasons ago.

Don’t forget to give the Wisco Kidz some love too!

Watch, enjoy, and comment away to your heart’s content!