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Hottest Take of the Week: the 2018 Offseason is off to a scorching start

Matub is back with a new video breaking down some particularly flaming takes from the past few weeks, including the first-ever 5!

The NFL Draft season brings out takes ever year, often some of the hottest of the entire NFL news cycle. And with the 2018 NFL Draft fast approaching, the takes are flying hot and heavy. There’s also plenty of free agency news to break down, from the release of Jordy Nelson to the signings of Jimmy Graham, Muhammad Wilkerson, and Tramon Williams.

That’s where Matub comes in. After a long and busy offseason, there are a multitude of takes worthy of consideration for Hottest Take of the Week this week, with surprisingly few of them directly related to the Packers’ free agency moves or specific draft takes.

Instead, we find takes from a former Packers defensive lineman who tried to defend himself and a Good Morning Football analyst who argues that Sam Bradford has the potential to be the best passer in the league.

But none of that compares to this week’s Hottest Take of the Week. Packers fans: just watch and enjoy.