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Hottest Take of the Week - Packers takes include Cartoons, Profits, and Gumption

This week’s takes include nostalgia, economics, and one brash shareholder.

This week’s takes begin with something that is often the cause of debate: Nostalgia. Second year corner Kevin King shares his opinion on two beloved franchises for any “90s Kid”. Normally, something like this would be considered much hotter than being the first take examined, but it doesn’t hold up to analysis.

Next, the Minnesota newspaper The Star Tribune gives what could be considered factual, yet skewed, coverage on the Packers’ financial statement for the year. All the information is presented, but in a way that steers a narrative. Is this take scorching? Absolutely. Does it warrant the top spot? Not really.

Finally, we settle on the misadventures of a Packers’ Shareholder by the name of Steven Teifenthaler (who’s name is as fun to say as it is difficult to pronounce). Steven petitioned the team to be given three minutes of time during the annual shareholder’s meeting. When denied, he sought the help of the President of the United States of America.

A new season also means new ways to grade the takes. Stay tuned throughout the year to see what each rating has become. What did you think of the takes? Have any of your own to share? Let us know down in the comments.