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Hottest Take of the Week - Clay Matthews’ penalty and the War of 1812

Matub looks back on the penalty-ridden Vikings takes and forward to the battle in Washington DC

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin-USA

The Green Bay Packers ended their week two game against the Minnesota Vikings with a tie. The controversial calls from the refs were partially to blame. This lead to many, many takes about what happened and Matub is here to talk about them.

First, he looks at the aftermath of the game against the Vikings. What flags were suspect? Did anyone get fined? Would anyone listen to a parody of Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness” entitled “Overtime Sadness”? Probably not, but it’s brought up anyway.

Next, Matub looks ahead to this week’s opponent in Washington, D.C. Of course this brings up imagery of General Aaron Charles Rodgers and his march to Atlanta. While the last campaign didn’t turn out so well, the Burning of Washington should be successful.

The main target of Matub’s scorn this week is Packers News’ Ryan Wood. Ryan not only had multiple scorching takes about Clay Matthews’ penalty, but committed multiple “Twitter sins” in the process. As Matub always says, “The Ratio” never lies.

This coming week, the Packers are the three point favorites. Once again, Matub bets a video of him dancing against the spread. Here’s hoping the Packers can finally come through.