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Hottest Take of the Week: the Packers' 2018 season begins with Bears takes

This is the last episode of HTOTW prior to the 2018 season.

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images

This is the last episode of Hottest Take of the Week before the 2018 NFL season starts. So that means the week one opponent of the Green Bay Packers is going to be the focal point. That’s right, every take this week is about the Chicago Bears.

A lot of talk was going around this offseason about the Bears “beating” the Packers at every move they attempted. The Bears matched Kyle Fuller’s offer sheet, got Vic Fangio to be their defensive coordinator, signed free agent wide receiver Allen Robinson, and finally they traded for Khalil Mack. Every one of these moves had reports of the Packers attempting it.

Matub breaks down each individual “win” for the Bears and explains why they aren’t necessarily the slam-dunks that they are portrayed as.

Finally, Matub disagrees vehemently with a former Bears scout who waves his homer flag just a little too highly. Not only is the take itself dissected, but the source is also brought under the microscope.

Do you agree with Matub’s reactions? Also, what takes weren’t mentioned that you think should have been? Make sure to let us know down in the comments.