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Wild Card: Vikings vs. Packers

Third Time's The Charm

It took three tries, but the Packers finally found a way to shut down Adrian Peterson on Saturday. Once Peterson was bottled up the defense controlled the game.

Framing The Night

Sometimes numbers lie. Sometimes an answer changes depending on how you frame the facts. This week's performance by the Packers' offense shows why box scores alone don't tell the whole story.

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Vote for the play of the game vs. the Vikings

Who made the play of the game for the Packers vs. the Vikings?

Imperfect Performance

The Packers played a very good game against the Vikings on Saturday but it wasn't perfect. As a result we have a couple nominees for Dud of the Week.

Separating From The Pack

The Packers controlled the game on Saturday, but in a defense dominated night how can be separate the MVP nominations from Working Class Hero of the Week?

The Woodson Difference

The Green Bay Packers defense looked significantly better against the Vikings this week as compared to last week. The return of Charles Woodson is a major factor for this improvement....but is he the only reason?

We'll see you next week

Joe Webb's legs couldn't make up for his deficiencies as a passer, as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings easily.

Vikings vs. Packers: Second half thread

Come chat with APC during the second half of Packers-Vikings.

Vikings vs. Packers III: Game thread

Chat with Acme Packing Company as the Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round.

Driver and House out; Winfield active

Besides Christian Ponder, there are no surprises. Donald Driver and Davon House sit for the Packers, while Antoine Winfield is active for the Vikings.

This stream has:

Joe Webb starts

Christian Ponder's elbow injury turned out to be a bigger problem than anyone could have imagined. Joe Webb will start as the Vikings face the Packers at Lambeau Field.

Let's talk about Joe Webb

Christian Ponder is injured. He'll try to play, but he might not last. Joe Webb starting is a very real possibility. Is he actually someone to be worried about?

Ponder's status in doubt?

Could Christian Ponder's injury seriously affect his play and his status for Saturday's game?

Gamblers like the Pack by more than a TD

Everyone likes the Packers to beat the Vikings by a little more than a touchdown.

Today's TV schedule, radio info and more

Playoffs! You guys, playoffs!

Cleaning Up The Pass Offense

It's win or go home time now that the playoffs have begun. To keep their season alive the Packers need to avoid getting in a hole, force the game into Christian Ponder's hands, and clean up some things from last week.

Defining The Season

It’s déjà-vu all over again as the Packers once again face off against the Minnesota Vikings. Last year the Packers were one and done in the playoffs, but a big game from these five players should make sure that does not happen again.

Packers Getting Healthy at Just the Right Time

With the NFL playoffs starting tomorrow, the Packers couldn't have picked a better time for the bulk of their key players to be returning to full strength. Look for the offense to have its full complement of receivers on Saturday.

Can Woodson's Return Upgrade The Defense?

After a long wait, Charles Woodson returns to the field for the Green Bay Packers this weekend. How should his return affect a defense that has struggled with the Vikings this past month?

5 More Questions With The Daily Norseman

It's once again time to cross enemy lines and get a slightly different take on the upcoming game. Here are five questions with Ted Glover of the Daily Norseman.

Packers Wideouts at Full Strength; Williams Sick

The Packers' injury report shows the team's key receivers ready to go for Saturday night's game against Minnesota.

Home Teams 10-2 in Playoff Rematches

The better team in the playoffs holds home-field advantage; those teams have a huge edge in playoff rematches from week 17.

Initial injury report is mostly positive

There are no surprises on the Packers injury report. but the news about Jerel Worthy was still a bit of a downer.

Ponder is not very good outdoors

APC looks at Christian Ponder's home/away splits and indoor/outdoor stats; they don't bode well for the Vikings this Saturday.