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Vikings vs. Packers odds: Playoff gamblers like Green Bay by at least a touchdown

Everyone likes the Packers to beat the Vikings by a little more than a touchdown.

Scott Boehm

As we posted earlier in the week, the Green Bay Packers opened as nine-point favorites over the Minnesota Vikings. Considering that the Vikings won last week while Adrian Peterson turned in a dominant performance, it seemed a bit high, even if no one trusts Christian Ponder in the cold and on the road. That line came down to -7.5 for Green Bay very quickly.

Since then? It's stayed there or moved up slightly. According to OddShark, who keeps tabs on the lines at six different sportsbooks, the line is hovering at around 7.5-8 points for the Packers, depending on the book. At Bovada, it's all the way back to -9, the opening line.

This tells me that people who are willing to throw down their hard-earned money on sporting events like the Packers to win tonight's game by somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 points, which sounds about right to me. Something like a 30-20 Packers victory sounds about right to me.