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Vikings vs. Packers: Ponder, Driver out, Winfield in

Besides Christian Ponder, there are no surprises. Donald Driver and Davon House sit for the Packers, while Antoine Winfield is active for the Vikings.


The inactive player lists are in, and as you probably already know, Joe Webb will start at quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Christian Ponder is inactive with an elbow injury. The story's right here, with Webb's career stats for reference.

As for the Green Bay Packers' inactive list, it's as expected. That means that Donald Driver sits out yet again. With Randall Cobb coming back, it was basically a given. Davon House hasn't been able to make it all the way back from injury, and sits as well. The second most important note for the Vikings, after their QB situation, is that Antoine Winfield is active. He's a great tackling DB, but he might be limited by his hand injury.

I'm curious if Ponder will even dress and be named as a 3rd QB. More likely than not, the Vikings won't have one.