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Packers 42, Vikings 10: GIF Recap of Green Bay's Big Win

It's back!

That's right, everyone. It's time for a whole lot of foolishness and absurdity as we recap the Green Bay Packers' 42-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings in GIF form.


First off, thanks to the good sports over at the Daily Norseman, Ted and Eric in particular. I think we can all agree that interactions were largely positive and we had a good time leading up to the game.


After kickoff, the Packers and Vikings trade punts to start the game. Eddie Lacy goes nuts on the second drive, though. He breaks out runs of 18 and 29 yards on the first two plays, which has all of us feeling like Lacy's announcing to the world...

Meanwhile, we imagine Vikings fans are like

Yeah, pretty much. After a punt on the next Vikings drive, Aaron Rodgers hooks up with Jordy Nelson on a 66-yard play action bomb to take a 14-0 lead. We're all thinking "DAT PASS" and looking like this:

After that, both teams trade three-and-outs and punts for a while. Nothing to see here, until Julius Peppers does this to a Christian Ponder pass:

Julius Peppers Pick 6

Peppers, that 34-year-old, washed-up, can't play linebacker dude, just did that. This should sum up my reaction pretty well:

On Ponder's very next pass, Jamari Lattimore picks him off yet again. Ponder's not very good, and this is getting fun.

Davante Adams then gets his first touchdown three plays later and it's a 28-0 lead at the half.


On the Packers' first drive, Lacy scores from 11 yards out, and we have all become comfortably numb. Or so we thought - on the next drive, Lacy and Starks do all the heavy lifting, including Lacy rumbling for a score to make it 42-0. Here's the video of Eddie Lacy's second touchdown, during which he destroys safety Robert Blanton on his way to the end zone:

The Vikings tack on a late Christian Ponder touchdown and a field goal (seriously, Mike Zimmer, a field goal down 42-7 on 4th and 5?):